Kerala Catholic Students League:


God society can be formed only through good education. Kerala Catholic Students league plays an important role in helping teachers and students to attain their aim in education as well as to develop social values.


  • Every year students are given various topics for their study and research.
  • Competitions are held in different items to communicate the message of Gospel to students through art and literature.
  • Student initiated Study circles to reinforce the topic for the year conducted on all Wednesdays.

Slogan    :    Faith, study, and service

Aim          :   To form a generation that outstands in values, sense of direction and love for the church.


 St Joseph’s GHSS, Changanasserry  & KCSL

  • The first Girls school to have started the KCSL movement in Kerala.
  • Giving value based Education to future generation.
  • Special attention given to Catholic children to help them grow in Christian values.
  • Develop love of the church and fellow beings.
  • Leading among the schools of Changanasserry Archdiocese in activities.
  • Overall Second  in Archdiocesan level Competitions 2011.
  • Overall championship in Chavara Competitions.